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Simple Method for Finding Great VAs

Here’s what has worked for me. It costs a bit more upfront but I get higher quality results and build better network of providers: 1) Clearly define a relatively simple task in an area of your business that will require ongoing or periodic support. 2) Specify the skills required to complete the task. 3) Post it on elance, odesk or your preferred network. 4) Award the task to the top 3 to 5 respondents. 5) Pay all the VAs for their work and award the future work to the very best. In some cases, VAs have been willing to do simple preliminary tasks for free if the prospect of ongoing work is real...
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9.5 Ways to Outsource and Automate for Free (or almost)

If you want to outsource and automate things here are a few services that are either free or very cost effective. I’ll tell you upfront that I have a bias against outsourcing things that I can do myself faster, better and cheaper. I try to reserve tasks for VAs that require more time and expertise. Here are my top picks in declining order of cost: FancyHands ( – $30 per month for 15 tasks – This is a very cool, simple service founded by Ted Roden. I’ve talked to Ted (via email) a fair amount about his service, capabilities and approach. I have to say, for the...
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Getting the Most from a Virtual Assistant

Getting the Most from a Virtual Assistant Ever since Tim Ferriss popularized the use of virtual assistants (VA) in his book “The Four Hour Work Week”, ( dozens of firms and individuals have opened their doors to offer these services.  I have experimented with several of these firms and have learned a lot in the process both about virtual assistants and myself.  Let’s look at why you should think about using a virtual assistant, what kinds of tasks to outsource and how to manage the process. For those who want to only know the key points here they...
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